Mutant Insects. Ubisoft

For the launching of Ubisoft’s videogame Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects toy line, Ink Apache was asked to show both imaginary and real life playtime. I couldn´t help accepting the challenge of creating an apocalyptic city where huge insects fight. Had great time directing this piece: working on both cgi and live action sequences at the same time was a lot of work, but in the end I think it shows!


Produced by: Ink Apache
Director: Dani Kei V Kaneda
Executive Producer: Fernanda Zaragoza
Project Manager: Alfonso Huerta
Art Director: Javier Almazán
3D Director: Fernando Casielles
3D Modeling Artist: Sergio Santos
3D Enviroments: Rocío Montiel
Animator: Jesús del Campo
Matte Painters: Luis David Gomez, German Casado
Texturing Artist: Pablo Cabrera
Assistants: José Angel, Ana Olmo

AD: Alex Rodríguez
DP: Rafael Bolaños
Set Design: Mer García
Color & Compositing: Dani Kei V Kaneda

Casting: Callback
Studio: Cars Studio
Camera: Ill Camaras
Sound Design: Alson
Portuguese Sound Adaptation: Sonoarte

Agency: UbiSoft
Agency Coordinators: Aniol Javaloyes, Alicia Gutiérrez


… coming soon