GrefuShow 2. Grefusa's Superstars

Really fun ad to direct, produced by Oink. The agency CPWorks was thinking of a “3D kids movie look”, but since I didn’t want to loose the original feel of their 2D mascot I proposed them blending both worlds. We created a 3D enviroment, where I could move the cameras in complex ways but with 2D characters, so we could have more flexible and warmer animations.


Produced by: OINK
Director: Dani Kei V Kaneda
Executive Producer: Álvaro Isasi
Concept/Matte Painting: Carlos Nieto a.k.a. Qstom
2D Design: Rocío M. Montiel
2D Animation: Asís Merino, Alberto Sánchez, Javier Ara
3D: Carlos Flete, Jessica Lorenzo, Elías Soiffer, Ivan de Torres
Compositing: Dani Kei V Kaneda
Sound Design: Oido

Agency: CPWorks / EuroRSCG
Producer: Javier González
Creative Director: Alex Piqué
Client: Grefusa


… coming soon