Grefuchapas. Grefusa's bottle caps

CPWorks went to Ink Apache with a pretty straight forward brief: they wanted a fun and dynamic ad for the “soccer themed bottle caps” that Grefusa was giving away with their products, with kind of a videogaming feeling. I decided to play with the idea that fingers can seem like players running, gave it a fast paced rhythm and I can honestly say that I’m very proud with the result.


Produced by: Ink Apache
Director: Dani Kei V Kaneda

Executive Producer: Fernanda Zaragoza
Assistant Producer: Ana Gómez
3D & Compositing: Elías Soiffer, Dani Kei
PackShot Art: Sara Velazquez
PackShot Animation: Carmen Pérez
3D Animation: Dani Kei, Francisco Martin

Studio: Cars Studio

Camera: Ill Camaras
Sound Design: Alson

Agency: CPWorks / EuroRSCG
Producer: Javier González
Creative Director: Alex Piqué
Client: Grefusa


… coming soon