Grefuchapas Angry Birds. Grefusa + Rovio

Angry Birds themed bottle caps! In this piece produced by Oink I had the challenge of trying to translate all the fun and crazyness of Angry Birds into a 3D enviroment (as opposed to the 2D games), while still being the caps. I was able to try some new action-movie-like shots and had a wicked fun time with the birds!


Produced by: OINK
Director: Dani Kei V Kaneda
Executive Producer: Álvaro Isasi
Color Key/Matte Painting: Pedro Núñez
2D Animation: Javier Ara
3D: Carlos Flete, Elías Soiffer, Javier Tejedor
Compositing: Dani Kei
Sound Design: Oido

Agency: CPWorks / EuroRSCG
Producers: Iñaki Serra, Javier González
Creative Director: Alex Piqué
Client: Grefusa


… coming soon